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Years ago, we were looking for a dream house to be able to escape from our intensive business and social life in The Netherlands. In 2015, after a long search, we found a great place on the Costa Blanca North. Appointed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the healthiest regions in Europe. From that moment on, we have come up with the idea to make more people familiar with this region.

Passport: Christa Schraverus-Mulder

Education: Middelbaar Dienstverlenend Gezondheidsonderwijs (MDGO). Career: nurse at general practice, hospitality (KLM), managerial positions sales- and marketing medtech & life science, manager daycare centers. Miscellaneous: chairman of the board Stichting Nederlandstalig Onderwijs Kopenhagen (SNOK) and owner Doodleriginals.

The decision to make a new start is not an easy one for a family. After all, it requires to say goodbye to 'certainties', famliy and friends. After an earlier 3-year stay in Scandinavia, entrepreneurship and the urge for the new adventure won. Given our background in i.a. medtech & life science, we take our social responsibility. The key question was therefore: how can we let villa owners/visitors of the Costa Blanca enjoy this environment ‘responsibly'?

Passport: Léon Schraverus BEc

Education: Hoger Economisch Administratief Onderwijs (HEAO), bachelor's degree in Economics. Career: both national and international executive positions medtech & life science with full profit & loss responsibility. Miscellaneous: lobbyist towards branch and patient associations, (local) authorities, health insurance companies and other stakeholders.

Meanwhile Chréon Blanca is a fact. Chréon Blanca stands for rental and management of luxury holiday homes based on a unique concept with respect to the environment. Together with are customers, we actively contribute to keep the climate of the Costa Blanca North healthy and ‘clean’. We focus deliberately on the influencable elements 'villa', 'food', 'transportation' and 'use'. Together with our family we live permanently in Javea and are thereby locally based.

We will also be happy to contact you. Together with you, Chréon Blanca keeps the climate healthy!

Best regards,
Christa & Léon Schraverus